Method Monday

This is a design scheme we came up with for a coastal home with views of Long Island Sound.

This is a design scheme developed for a coastal home with views of Long Island Sound.  The architecture embraces the view so that the all you see from the spectacular rear of the home is the sea.  In contemplating the design, we wanted no obstruction to the breathtaking setting.  One of the challenges of a home with a wide open floor plan is choosing furniture so that nothing competes .  There needs to be a cohesive feel throughout the space.  To achieve this, we chose a monochromatic, neutral palette.  There are transitional elements and a user friendly approach for this family — they have children and also like to entertain.  We kept a textural sense by combining the oak floors and douglas fir ceilings with cozy, warm fabrics.  The patterns are not overly bold, resulting in a welcoming, comfortable home that makes the most of the beautiful seascape.

version 4 copy


What Inspires Me: Wood

Even in its natural state, wood is so beautiful in its simplicity.

Wood is an element that can have such a variety of textures, patterns, and colors.  One species of wood can look very different depending on how it is cut, stained, or varnished.  Even in its natural state, wood is so beautiful in its simplicity.  It is definitely something that inspires me and I love the idea of incorporating it in ways that aren’t typical.

Wood 2 Wood 3 Wood 4


I love the organic rawness of wood.

I love the organic rawness of wood.  It is so beautiful and can be used in its simplest, natural form.  With so many types of wood, each with its own finish and texture, you have incredible design opportunities.  Instead of assigning wood to the floor or furniture, consider using it in a more unconventional place!

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Greenwich CT Design copy

1.  Kona Wood Rug, Crate and Barrel

2.  Arteriors Wood Chandelier

3.  Olga Guanabara Coffee Table

4.  Roost Wood Veneer Shades

5.  Jil Sander Lizard and Wood Shoe

6.  Divan Sofa from Hudson Furniture

7.  Design by Habachy Designs and Design Within Reach

8.  Wood iPad Case from Root Cases

9.  Wood Cuff Bracelet by Kara Ross

Cover image shows coffee table design by John Houshmand and lighting from Clubcu.