We designed this space with such grandeur it was essential to use this natural crystal light fixture to add a human scale to it.  The walls are hand embroidered panel and the carpet is inspired by Monet in style.



This is the perfect ski retreat in Montana. We custom made the faux fur club chairs and smothered the sectional in alpca wool from our lovely friend Sandra Jordan.  Did we mention we refinished all the beams and planking from walnut brown to a warm gray?  There’s nothing paint can’t change.

Visit us at Rooms with a View this weekend, Nov 10 – 12, to see a gorgeous dressing room designed by Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design and styled by Build by Janel with clothes, handbags, and jewelry (all for sale!).  Hope to see you there!

Color Obsession: Citrus & Lime

I find myself craving color right now, drawn to everything bright, sunny, and cheerful.

Maybe it’s because I was born in summer , but this my favorite time of year.  I find myself craving color right now, drawn to everything bright, sunny, and cheerful.  This is the season when I search for bold hues that make a big impact.  Lemon, lime, and other citrusy colors remind me of the warmth of the sun and are perfect for this season.  You see these colors in a lot of vintage fashion from the 1940s and 1950s, a time when people were adventurous in how they dressed.  You can definitely make a summer splash with Citrus and Lime!

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design LLC Greenwich CT

  1.  Living room by Jeff Andrews Design.
  2. Imperial Gates – Green and Key Lime on Ivory Manila Hemp from Phillip Jeffries.
  3. Malibu Wrapped Coffee Table from Oomph.
  4. Cosy Light Fixture from Urban Electric.
  5. Overdyed Vintage Rug from Sacco Carpet.
  6. Pulling Down on Yellow, 2013. Gloss paint on aluminum. 49 x 49. By Natasha Law.
  7. Lime Alpaca from Sandra Jordan.
  8. Christian Louboutin Cap Toe Lucite Heels
  9. Swimsuit by Eres Paris.
  10. Bubbles and Lime Slices





Color Obsession: Rum Raisin and Salmon

Salmon and Rum Raisin just marry so well.

I have been so obsessed with the color salmon lately. This color has  feminine appeal and,when paired with a deep, rich, sultry color as plum or rum raisin, it pops with energy.  The beauty of salmon is that it can swing towards a pinkish tone picking up on rose gold, which you can introduce as hardware or a lush orange palette.  When paired with rum raisin, there is a yin and yang, light and dark effect that I love.  The two colors marry so well.  Rum Raisin adds depth with out being too close to black for the perfect level of impact.

Amy Hirsch Greenwich Design 3 copy

1.  Fashion by Christian Lacroix

2.  Coral Reef 012 by Benjamin Moore.

3.  Christian Lacroix Houte Couture

4.  Softline Swivel Chair from abc carpet & home

5.  Sergio Rossi Suede Pumps

6.  Carina Lang, Tree and Cloud 3

7.  Agra Fort, photo by BhuddaMountain

8.  Photo by Guiliano Bekor


JL Rocks at Bungalow

One of my favorite shops to visit and explore is Bungalow in Westport, CT.

One of my favorite shops to visit and explore is Bungalow in Westport, CT.  As soon as I step into Bungalow, I find myself wandering throughout the shop, visually devouring all of the beautiful items.  From furnishings to jewelry, Bungalow has a wonderfully curated collection of pieces.  Owner Wende Cohen launched Bungalow after moving from Manhattan to Westport and wanting to pursue a business that would incorporate her passion for travel, antiques, and decor.  With sources ranging from local artisans to European craftsmen, it’s no wonder she has turned Bungalow into a vibrant success.

Bunglaow is one of the places I love to shop for furniture, accessories, and lighting for clients.  I can find true one of a kind pieces here.  Bungalow is a real gold mine!  It’s one of the first places that comes to mind when I want to accessorize an interior.

Sometimes while shopping for clients, I discover other things to fall in love with.  One of my favorite finds at Bungalow is the jewelry line JL Rocks.  Featuring artisanal and designer jewelry, JL Rocks has a modern, but sophisticated, approach to jewelry design that is so appealing.  Here are some of the pieces that really caught my eye.

JL Rocks 1 JL Rocks 3 JL Rocks 4 JL Rocks 6 JL Rocks 8 JL Rocks 9 JL Rocks 10 JL Rocks 11 JL Rocks 12 JL Rocks 13

Floral Prints

I don’t know if it was the long snowy winter or what, but lately I have been drawn to really pretty floral prints.

Floral prints are a high fashion element this year.  It’s a look people are receptive to after a long winter.  I think this time of year, I am looking for more color and brightness, both of which can be found in flowery fabrics.  I know I’m not along in this springtime longing when I see some of the gorgeous floral fashions on the runway.

christian louboutinoscar de la rentafloral fashion 3

manolo blahnik pumpfloral fashion 4

Floral patterns translate well into interiors.  It’s a refreshing look and reminds me that old trends always resurface.  It’s nice to see this look come back in a more lively way.

designer's guild shanghai gardencest la vie garden lark collection spoonflowerfloral printdesigner's guild pandora peonyWhat do you think of floral designs?


Color Obsession: Apricot

Apricot makes me think of sun kissed skin and sheer femininity.

Apricot makes me think of sun kissed skin and sheer femininity. It evokes happiness, liveliness, and a kind of sweet freshness.  Apricot is not as intense as orange, but has a lighter approach – it holds a yellow-pink undertone, making it possible to mix it with other palettes or maintain one consistent value.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design

1.  Sophie Cowhide Cuff

2.  Great palette.  Image via Elle Decoration.

3.  Dolce & Gabbana Pumps

4.  Stunning makeup.

5.  Quadrille Fabrics

6.  Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag

7.  Lamps by Joe Cariati

8.  Living room design by Jeffrey Bilhuber.