Color Obsession: Rum Raisin and Salmon

Salmon and Rum Raisin just marry so well.

I have been so obsessed with the color salmon lately. This color has  feminine appeal and,when paired with a deep, rich, sultry color as plum or rum raisin, it pops with energy.  The beauty of salmon is that it can swing towards a pinkish tone picking up on rose gold, which you can introduce as hardware or a lush orange palette.  When paired with rum raisin, there is a yin and yang, light and dark effect that I love.  The two colors marry so well.  Rum Raisin adds depth with out being too close to black for the perfect level of impact.

Amy Hirsch Greenwich Design 3 copy

1.  Fashion by Christian Lacroix

2.  Coral Reef 012 by Benjamin Moore.

3.  Christian Lacroix Houte Couture

4.  Softline Swivel Chair from abc carpet & home

5.  Sergio Rossi Suede Pumps

6.  Carina Lang, Tree and Cloud 3

7.  Agra Fort, photo by BhuddaMountain

8.  Photo by Guiliano Bekor