International Contemporary Furniture Fair

This past weekend I went to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Convention Center in NYC.

This past weekend I went to the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Convention Center in NYC.  Now in its 26th year, the ICFF draws close to 30,000 visitors who browse over 600 exhibitors.  Since I missed the last ICFF, I was so glad to be able to attend this year.  The ICFF is completely inspirational to me!  I don’t understand how other people can go to this event and only buy one or two things.  I just want to hoard everything and not share new sources, but at the same time I want others to be inspired by all of amazing products I saw.

From innovative items to re-imagined classics and even archived elements that have been brought back to life, the ICFF had aisle upon aisle of products that left me feeling energized.  I saw so many artisans from Brooklyn and a ton of great items that I can’t wait to use in the right environment.  Here are my favorite finds from the ICFF.

These new Trove wall coverings, printed on foil, look so beautiful in person.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 2 Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF

I love this amazing outdoor sculpture and bench by Atelier Vierkant.  I am absolutely crazy for these organic objects and vessels.  The sheer scale of their products is unbelievable.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 4Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 3

Tibetano has a great range of rugs.Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 7Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 6Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 5

This is one of the sources I am tempted not to share but keep all for myself!  This collection by Gilles Caffier of Paris is handmade and each piece is a work of art.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 10Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 9Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 8

There was a ton of Danish inspired furnishings throughout the show.  These pieces by Vitra were so comfortable!  The Petit Repos is a cool swivel chair, super good for kids spaces.  The Grand Repos – it’s not your grandfathers recliner.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 11Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 12

I am seriously obsessed with this tile from Walker Zanger, especially the chevron pattern.  It would make a cool kitchen floor, mudroom, or handsome master bath.  I can’t wait to use this!

Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 13Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 14Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 15

Heated outdoor furniture by Galanter and Jones – can you believe it!  This is absolutely the best find of the day.  It would be amazing for my Montana project.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 16

Textiles by Hiroko Takeda, a beautiful company who uses alpaca kid wool and silk, woven to your specification and oh so luscious to the touch.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 17Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 19Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 21

Talk about an endless amount of choices to make your head spin!  Cosmopolitan Glass is a very cool company from Brooklyn – this is how creativity starts!

Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 24Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 25Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 23

Bernhardt Design is a staple in the design world.  Beautifully crafted!

Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 27Amy Aidinis Hirsch ICFF 26

I cannot wait to incorporate many of these finds into my designs!