amy hirsch greenwich designerAs a designer, I come across things that inspire my creativity almost constantly.  Whether it’s the vibrant color of moss growing on a stone wall or that perfect find at a local antique dealer, inspiration is everywhere.  Keeping an idea book of materials, references, photos, and sources isn’t at all a new concept among designers.  What’s amazing is how quickly the ideas accumulate, but I love having a wealth of inspiration to draw from as the need arises.

Taking that inspiration and sharing it with a wider audience was the logical next step and is how bSpoke came into existence.  It’s not only a place for me to keep a record of things that inspire my creativity, but it’s a place to share that with others who are passionate about interior design.  bSpoke is an additional creative outlet with the added benefit of sparking the flame of an idea in someone else.  We are surrounded by so much richness and detail, so many layers of life, and I hope to highlight those things with bSpoke.

EMAIL:  amy@aahirsch.com  PO BOX 686   GREENWICH, CT 06836  TEL: 203.661.1266   FAX: 203.661.1877