If, like me, you’re interested in fashion, you must check out Polyvore.

If, like me, you’re interested in fashion, you must check out Polyvore.  It’s a really cool site that allows you to create and browse collages using all kinds of images and products.  Once you create a Polyvore account for yourself, you can install their Mini Editor widget to create collages with products on Polyvore.  You can also use the Clipper toolbar button (similar to the Pin It button Pinterest users are familiar with) to import images to use in your Polyvore collages.

By Polyvore user gangdise.
Polyvore 9
By Polyvore user becksd78.

Polyvore is a great source of inspiration!  Even if you aren’t quite savvy enough to assemble collages yourself, just browsing the site gives you so many ideas.  The best part is, if you find a pair of shoes or scarf you love in a collage, you only have to click on that item to learn the designer, the price, and where to buy it.  Polyvore even gives you similar alternatives.  It is a fashion lover’s ultimate shopping tool!

Polyvore 6
By Polyvore user traciruer.
Polyvore 4
By Polyvore user loveraige.

Of course, the creativity of people can never be limited to one subject.  Interior design collages can also be found on Polyvore, which is a great design tactic for presentations.  I am always appreciative of ways to help clients visual plans!  With Polyvore, it’s possible to gather your favorite design ideas and use them to create a virtual storyboard for your ideal interior.

Polyvore 2
By Polyvore user marybloom.
Polyvore 3
By Polyvore user lolakap.

There’s so much room for creativity with Polyvore.  Some of the collages are like works of art, compiling ideas around a single color, pattern, season, or celebrity.  I love this Marilyn inspired board.  It is so uniquely adapted and creative!

Polyvore 10
By Polyvore user lotti.

What would you create with Polyvore?