Color Obsession: Black

I absolutely love black!

I absolutely love black!  I wear it just about every day.  Something about black makes me think of confidence, so I feel stronger when I’m wearing it.  In interior design, black makes a dominant accent color, especially when used in a key area of the room.  You can’t be wary of black when designing with it; you have to be bold and fearless, whether you choose to use it for paint, furniture, or fabric.  I am obsessed with it!

1.  Kara Mann Design

2.  Lens Chandelier by Holly Hunt

3.  Karl Springer Coffee Table from Todd Merrill Antiques

4.  Bagatelle Spot wallpaper from Osborne and Little

5.  Blackman Cruz Neoclassic Dining Chair

6.  Michael Kors Black Leather Hobo

7.  Benjamin Moore Black Satin

8.  Alexander McQueen

9.  Black tulips:  I love these!

10.  Christian Louboutin Diplonana Black Leather