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Written by Stacey Bewkes, Quintessence focuses on “those special discoveries that make life just that much better.”

Quintessence is a lifestyle blog I really enjoy.  Written by Stacey Bewkes, Quintessence focuses on “those special discoveries that make life just that much better.”  After working as an art director in NYC for 17 years, Stacey left that world to raise her four children in Connecticut.  She then created Quintessence to continue to say involved in every aspect of the world of design and fashion.  Stacey attends design, lifestyle, and fashion events, and then blogs about them to bring the experience to her readers.  She also shares content on topics from art to movies and food to books, meaning you’ll always find something new and interesting at Quintessence.

Quintessence appeals to me because it is very cultured.  Stacey is worldly and involved and is always current on what’s happening.  She really does her homework and is clearly knowledgeable.  Her posts are interesting and relevant.  Having had the opportunity to meet Stacey, I know she is a lovely lady, very passionate and direct!

I like the segment of Stacey’s blog called Behind the Q, which is a monthly post showcasing an individual stylemaker.  I want more of it!  Stacey really creates an intimate behind the scenes look of people such as Thom Felicia and Miles Redd.  Her videos combined with the writing and several stunning photos is a clever new approach.  I can’t wait for the next installment!
Behind the Q
Before and after of Thom Filicia’s home, featured in his book American Beauty.

One of my favorite Quintessence posts was about NIBA rugs.   It jogged my memory of a source I had seen before but hadn’t logged into my mental catalog of go-to rugs.  I am so excited to incorporate some of these rugs into my interiors!

Hand knotted wool and silk rugs from NIBA.
Persian carpets from NIBA.
Since I was not able to make it to this year’s Southampton Showhouse, Stacey’s blogs about many of the spaces allowed me to think that I was there in person.  I love the dining room, with the large drum fixture and dining room chairs.  The combination is whimsical.  Thanks, Stacey for great observations and attention to detail in every room you visited at the Southampton Showhouse!
Showhouse dining room designed by Mabley Handler.
Study designed by Patrick Lonn at the Showhouse.
Guest suite designed by Jennifer McConnell.
Another fascinating blog post focused on Stacey’s visit to Tramshed during the London Design Festival.  Although her visit to Tramshed was quick, Stacey still managed to take plenty of photos of incredible products from a variety of vendors.  Sharing this kind of experience with readers is part of what makes Quintessence such a fascinating blog.
Quarry lights by Benjamin Hubert.
Porcelain by Karen Morgan.
Hand blown lighting from Bocci.
I love that I can use Quintessence as a catalog of great thoughts and a resource to turn to for inspiration!  I hope you visit Quintessence soon; you can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!