A peek into someone’s closet is like a peek into their personality.

A peek into someone’s closet is like a peek into their personality.  The way a closet is organized (or not) says a lot about a person’s style and priorities.  As a designer, making a closet as special as the rest of the client’s living space is an important aspect of my job.  Designing the right closet for a client means staying mindful of that particular client’s storage needs and organizational style.  Is the client a clothes horse, a shoe lover, or someone who needs options for storing seasonal clothing?  Taking the time to learn about what the client needs as well as wants helps me design a closet perfectly suited to each individual.

Closet perfection! Design by Jennifer Eisenstadt.
Furniture layered in a closet. Design by James Radin.
The island detail is so clever in this design by Jeffrey Bilhuber. Via Architectural Digest.

As an example, I had a client who wanted their mudroom to act as a storage area for all of the family’s coats and shoes.  They literally wanted to keep shoes in that area only, completely out of the rest of the home.  The mudroom became like a dressing closet for coats and shoes which kept the actual bedroom closet like an open envelop.  Nothing in that closet was closed because the mudroom met those particular needs.

Mudroom designed for my client.
Mudroom door detail.

When considering closet design, there are so many storage options to choose from.  The right storage for a closet depends on the client, but ease of access is always something to keep in mind.  A client who enjoys beautiful things may prefer glass doors to show off the contents of the closet, while for others a system of organized drawers, baskets, and shelves would be more suitable.  A closet is a jewel box than be elaborate or simple; it’s all about what the client wants.

A Stephen Gambrel closet design with ikat doors.
Home of Aerin Lauder via ELLE DECOR – so pretty and soothing.

For accessible closet design, companies such as Poliform offer well made, modern components.  These flexible systems of shelving, pull-outs, hanging storage, and wardrobes are available in a variety of finishes and styles to maximize space as well as perfectly fit each individual’s needs.  These closets are as functional as they are beautiful.

Poliform: The openness and structure of the clear drawers and pull out bins creates a look that is so sophisticated.

What does your closet say about you?