The beauty of Houzz, for me, is being able to accurately share my ideas and visions with general contractors, architects, and clients.

A few years ago, Adi Tatarko and Alon Cohen started a remodeling project that sparked a unique idea.  After spending countless hours clipping ideas from magazines and books to plan their remodel, Tatarko and Cohen decided there must be a better way to gather ideas and plans in one place.  Their desire for such a place led to the launch of Houzz, a website devoted to interior design, architecture, and home improvement.   Since its launch in 2009, Houzz has grown to a collection of over half a million photos which have been used by members to create nearly two million idea books.  The site has grown to include products, discussions, and networking to connect home owners with design professionals.  Tatarko and Cohen certainly realized their goal of creating the perfect inspirational tool.

The beauty of Houzz, for me, is being able to accurately share my ideas and visions with general contractors, architects, and clients.  It’s the perfect resource for articulating exactly the look, colors, and products I’m thinking of.  It’s an unbelievable resource for finding inspiration and communicating ideas.  It’s also user-friendly and simple to translate from an online idea to real-world use.

My own office will soon be renovated, and Houzz will definitely make it easier to share my ideas with my contractor.  The office was originally home to a heating company and really has no character to speak of.  I plan on using modern barns as an inspiration, creating an environment that isn’t overdone or distracting for clients, something subdued and tactful in design.

Modern farmhouse inspiration.
More farmhouse-inspired ideas.
A great work space!
Another modern barn look.

I’m trying to decide between a concrete floor and a beautiful, traditional wood floor.  Adding both to my Houzz idea book makes it easy to go over options with the contractor as well as see how my various ideas play off each other.

Concrete floor.
Additional concrete floor design.
Manior gray custom aged French oak floors.

I love the idea of using steel windows.  It will definitely keep with the modern feel of my office while adding a unique touch and different texture to the space.  I found great examples on Houzz!

Steel windows design.
Another steel window idea.

For my fireplace, I want to go with a slab design.  Each of the fireplace ideas I found on Houzz is very different in color, material, and texture, but they each convey the same smooth feeling from sleek lines.  The truly difficult part is choosing between them!

Farmhouse inspired fireplace.
Slab fireplace design.
Another slab fireplace inspiration.

Houzz even inspires accessories.  Products listed on Houzz often include pricing and link directly to sources for buying.  An idea book can include even small details or specific products, like these amazing shelves.

Old Candlemakers Steel Storage Shelf

What would be in your Houzz idea book?