Stick and Pop

One night, my husband came home with three cake pops from Stick and Pop.

One night, my husband came home with three cake pops from Stick and Pop.  He meant for our two daughters and me to each have one of these adorable little treats, but after taking one heavenly bite, I selfishly decided to keep them all to myself!  I love chocolate and anything surrounded by chocolate, and these cake pops were too yummy to share!

Assorted cake pops from Stick and Pop.

These moist morsels of cake on a stick make the perfect treat for nearly any occasion.  They are well packaged and great for kids, making them ideal party favors for birthdays or school functions.  Any time I need a hostess or housewarming gift, I pick up an assortment of cake pops knowing they will be well received, unique, and appreciated.  Stick and Pop offers a big selection of flavors and designs to mix and match for different events, from birthdays to weddings, and holidays from Christmas to Halloween.

Birthday Cake
O’Hara: Coconut Cake in dark chocolate with coconut flakes.
Wedding pops.

Stick and Pop also offers Minis, bite-sized versions of their delicious cake pops, and Cups, which are made from layers of cake, icing, chocolate, and toppings.

Johnny Cakes cup.

To place an order (they ship!) or see more flavors and varieties, visit the Stick and Pop website.  You can also find them on Facebook!