Michael Dweck’s The End: Montauk, NY

Photographer Michael Dweck often turns his lens toward Montauk, NY.

Photographer Michael Dweck often turns his lens toward Montauk, NY.  His Montauk photos so perfectly represent the mood and feel of the area that simply looking at them evokes all of the feelings of my family summers spent in this old fishing village perched on the farthest point of Long Island.

Calm Before the Storm
Wave 12
Surfing the Break

When Dweck published his collection titled The End: Montauk, NY in 2004, it was featured in several art fairs and exhibits that year.  The work is so chic and sexy.  I really like the black and white photography and am especially drawn to Dweck’s nudes.  I think the human body is a work of art, and the way Dweck exhibits it is so free and casual.  These images really symbolize summer, especially the summer of the young and carefree, full of potential and excitement.

Sonya Poles
Lilla 3
Surfs Up
Jacqueline and Friend 2

Michael Dweck’s photo collections, including his images of Montauk, are available in book format.   His website also contains stunning galleries of his work as well as essays on his collections that beautifully describe his photographs.