Favorite Things: Fireplaces

The fireplace is a really special part of a home.

The fireplace is a really special part of a home.  In any room, any style, a fire is capable of creating a warmth and a mood like nothing else.  When thinking about fireplace design or looking at different styles of fireplaces, I’ve definitely been gravitating toward more linear, pronounced, modern styles lately.  As part of a modern interior, a fireplace can make a dramatic impression.

Fireplaces can range from rustic to formal to minimal.  The home’s architecture is what will define the type of fireplace goes into a space while the room the fireplace is in determines its purpose.  The fireplace can also define the period of the home and be simple or grandiose.  It’s a great opportunity to make an impact on an interior!  Here are some of my favorite examples of beautiful, modern fireplaces.

Fireplace Inspiration 10Fireplace Inspiration 9Fireplace Inspiration 8Fireplace Inspiration 6Fireplace Inspiration 7Fireplace Inspiration 5Fireplace Inspiration 4Fireplace Inspiration 3Fireplace Inspiration 2Fireplace Inspiration 1

What style of fireplace do you prefer?