Southern Ocean Lodge, Australia

I first learned about Southern Ocean Lodge from a client in Montana who wanted an interior inspired by the lodge.

Just off the southern coast of Australia lies Kangaroo Island, a 93 mile long paradise known for its wineries, honey production, and vacation destinations.  It’s also the home of Southern Ocean Lodge, a beautiful luxury resort.  I first learned about Southern Ocean Lodge from a client in Montana who wanted an interior inspired by the lodge.  It brings us so much inspiration when a client points to something they experienced and want to emulate in their own environment.  I love finding new things through clients!

Southern Ocean Lodge 6Southern Ocean Lodge 11Southern Ocean Lodge pampers guests in one of the world’s most stunning landscapes, near the island’s dramatic cliffs and adjacent to two national parks.  The impressive natural beauty of Kangaroo Island surrounds Southern Ocean Lodge, providing access to the most memorable cliff walks and wildlife observations.  Guests can enjoy world-class fine dining and a luxurious spa, all while relaxing in suites that incorporate sweeping and scenic Australian vistas.  The area’s coastal palette is reflected in the lodge’s modern design, creating an almost seamless environmental experience for guests.

Southern Ocean Lodge 9Southern Ocean Lodge 8Southern Ocean Lodge 2The aspects of Southern Ocean Lodge we focused on incorporating into the client’s home are gathering areas, the way the interior is laid out spatially, and capturing what’s happening in the exterior.  Although the Australian vista is quite different from Montanta, we went with the concept of featuring the exterior landscape.  We were careful to edit the design so as to avoid obstructing or taking away from the view.  The room pictured below with the hanging fireplace is one reference we return to again and again, taking inspiration in the curve of the floor and playing with the way it presents itself.  It’s often amazing to me what clients bring to a project.

Southern Ocean Lodge 12Southern Ocean Lodge 5Southern Ocean Lodge 1Southern Ocean Lodge 3

Have you been to a place that inspired your interior?

To learn more about Southern Ocean Lodge, visit their website.  You can also follow them on Facebook.