Custom Rugs

I love custom rugs.  About half of the rugs I install for clients are custom, which really allows us to hone in on the color, style, construction, texture, and pattern of the piece.  If I see a rug that I feel isn’t quite right for a client, I can adjust the color or keep the pattern but change the construction.  The beauty of a custom design is that we can design a rug around a particular room.

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Sometimes I will see a big rug that’s perfect for a client but needs to be tailored down to fit a space.  Or, I’ll really like the border of a rug so will keep that element but leave the rest of the piece open.

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When designing a custom rug, you have to aware of geometry and how the pattern will lay out over the entire surface of the finished rug.  You also have to take into consideration the amount of traffic a rug will endure.  For family room, I would create a hand tufted, completely indestructible wool rug.  Another rug might consist of linen and silk with a traditional sumac construction and an integrated weave of high and low pile.  A custom design results in a rug designed to look, and live, perfectly in a space.

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