Color Obsession: Currant

When I think of Currant, I think of a deep, sultry color.  I became inspired by it as a change from the trend of black, white, and neutral interiors.  I recently pitched this color for a library as a cohesive palette to pair well with and balance rich wood tones — think walnut and wine.  It’s definitely more dramatic, being so deep and saturated and just a more grounded color.   A hue like this is about taking chances and steering away from the path everyone else is walking.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design CT

1.  Teatro Cervantes Buenos Aires IV, 2006 by  Candida Hofer

2.  Torn Spiral Series, Moss & Lam

3.  Sloop Chair by Amy Somerville

4.  Donna Karan, New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

5.  Currants, via Tumblr

6.  Decollete 554 by Louboutin

7.  Over Dyed Vintage by SACCO Carpet

8.  Rock Chronograph Watch by Marc Jacobs