ABCDCS by David Collins Studios

Published by Assouline in July 2014, ABCDCS features the incredible designs of the late David Collins.  Born in Dublin in 1955, David Collins studied at the Bolton Street School of Architecture.  He eventually made his home in London, where his design of a friend’s home led to further projects and inspired him to launch his own studio with a diverse team from various design disciplines.  Collins called it The Studio, and his projects in restaurants, hotels, residences, and retail locations became known for their incredible details.   His studio’s interdisciplinary approach resulted in designs that are contemporary, yet grounded in tradition.


David Collins Studio ABCDCS

The book is seriously invigorating.  Madonna’s introduction was so insightful!  Collins was a master at what he did.  He was a wealth of knowledge and  his work embodied that trait, with interiors that were ingenious and clever.  This is just a beautiful book.

David Collins Studio ABCDCS 5David Collins Studio ABCDCS 4David Collins Studio ABCDCS 3David Collins Studio ABCDCS 2ABCDCS presents David Collins’ projects in alphabetical order by design term, giving a spectacular look at the wide range of influences at work in his aesthetic.  Full of lush photographs, ABCDCS showcases the texture and restraint of The Collins Studio.  This is a wonderful book to add to your collection.