It probably comes as no surprise that fashion and interior design are closely linked.  A passion for one usually includes a strong interest in the other and we can see overlapping trends in color and texture.  I know I’m not alone in my love of both fashion and interior design!

What is it about fashion that appeals to designers?  I think it’s the creativity and individual expression allowed by both.  Fashion designers often take risks, combining materials and colors in unconventional ways.  They focus on details, on creating a certain mood or feel, and typically have their own signature style.  Like interior design, fashion often includes unique uses of materials, layers of textures, and important accessories.  You don’t see a model sauntering down the runway without jewelry, makeup, a hand bag, and a gorgeous hairstyle.  For the same reasons, a thoughtfully designed room has its own accessories that are crucial to the overall design.

Being both a mother and a busy designer, actually wearing the fashions I love on a daily basis is sadly impractical.  As much as I’d adore spending my days looking fabulous, some styles just aren’t meant for grade school concerts, installs at new construction, or afternoons at the playground.  If I could have my way, however, these are some of the gorgeous fashions I’d be seen in!

LV - The skirt reminds me of a laser cut leather pillow I just installed.


Love the metallic embroidered detail.

Enamel hand hammered ring - so cool!


Alexander McQueen - Absolutely love the structure!

Victoria Beckham - Fabulous shoe!

Chanel - Arabian Nights

I may not be able to spend my days dressed as a runway star, but I do love my high heels.  Anyone who knows me, knows I wear heels every day.  It actually becomes comical sometimes when I visit new construction.  The contractors comment on the heels and occasionally have to improvise platforms as we tour the site!  I can’t run around in high fashion, but at least I still have my high heels!


*Cover image via Felicity Brown