Landino Photo Image Studio

Since childhood..Neil has always been artistic, painting, drawing, sketching. But it wasn’t until he borrowed a friend’s camera in high school that he realized that this was the medium that he can truly connect to. Having been trained in film photography, LandinoPhoto was born in the dawn of the digital photography age. Since inception, Neil’s work has grown from intimate fine art portraits, simple and elegant weddings, to some of the finest designed interior and exterior spaces in the area. His worked has been published in prominent national shelter magazines, has won international garden design awards and is consistently seen in regional publications. Currently, he’s working on his first full book based on Swedish design.
Neil’s eye and composition draws you into his images. He showcases the natural beauty of light spilling into a room while emphasizing the intended design elements that have been thoughtfully constructed. The strength of Neil’s photography lies in his sincere connection with his subjects. His easygoing and inviting personality is displayed in his images.