Color Obsession: Navy and Plum

Navy and plum make a deep, sultry combo.

Navy and plum make a deep, sultry combo.  What I love about them is how they are such a saturated.  So many people want blue or navy for their interiors which is so typical to see paired with white or red — things that are basic.  I want to be able to counteract with something else, and plum does that.  It doesn’t create a high contrast, but the two colors pair well because they are on the same level of saturation.  Part of my obsession is my serious desire to get away from what everyone else is doing.  Yes, an interior is an investment, and some people are braver than others.  I see so much similarity and safeness as a designer, so when I am working on projects with repetitive palettes, it is nice to jump outside the box.  With a color like blue that everyone loves, I like the idea of being original and pairing it with something that isn’t the norm.  Add a little spice!

Amy Hirsch Greenwich Interior Design

1.  Purple Ocean, oil on canvas, by Lynn Grayson

2.  Fragile, photography by Cathleen Naundorf

3.  1950s Lounge Chair from Michel Contessa

4.  Valentino Spring 2015

5.  Galata Pumps by Louboutin

6.  Tablecloth from My World Bazaar — fabric would make amazing pillows!

7.  Hughes Upholstered Velvet Sofa

8.  Over Dyed Vintage by Sacco Carpet


Color Obsession: Navy and Gray

Navy and gray make a great combination and are so satisfying during short, chilly days!

This time of year, with cold weather setting in, I begin to gravitate toward heavier, textural fabrics and colors.  I think of handsome, masculine hues and the pleasure of wrapping yourself in cashmere and wool.  Two colors that I associate with this season are navy and gray.  They make a great combination and are so satisfying during short, chilly days!

amy hirsch color board navy-blue

1.  Arrangements in Gray and White by New England Home Magazine

2.  H Cocktail Table by Holly Hunt

3.  Winter Solstice No 2 by Laura J. Wellner

4.  Laurel Convex Mirror from Downtown

5.  Walker Pinstripe in Navy from Ralph Lauren Home

6.  Benjamin Moore Silver Dollar

7.  See by Chloe Fold-Over Suede Mid-Calf Boot

8.  Bathroom by Daun Curry

9.  Rag & Bone Jacket, Tank, and Shorts

Color Obsession: Navy, Vermillion, and Turquoise

This color combination is classic, sophisticated, and always stylish.

One of the things I love about being a designer is the opportunity to find inspiration anywhere.  The other day, I was dressed in navy, vermillion, and turquoise and was struck by how great those colors look together.  This color combination is classic, sophisticated, and always stylish.  In design, these three colors together look bold, confident, and eclectic.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Greenwich CT Interior Design

1.  Ocean from Lulu DK

2.  Colorful chic!  Image via Breakfast at Yurman’s

3.  Devon Leigh Turquoise Beaded Necklace

4.  She’s Pampered from Essie:  My go-to summer nail color!

5.  Turkish Tulip.  Image via Susan Fredman

6.  Blue room design by Miles Redd via Elle Decor

7.  Deep Royal from Benjamin Moore

8.  Ohm Mirror by Bunny Williams

Cover image features, from left to right, Salutation III by Eric Zinner, Giorgio Armani for Elle Decor, and Abstract 116 by Kris Carlson.