Favorite Things: Modern Elements

When it comes to interior design, the term “modern” can mean different things to different people.

When it comes to interior design, the term “modern” can mean different things to different people.  To me, it means using newer, refreshing elements.  These items can be mixed with more traditional design for a bit of added flair or an eclectic feel, or can be used on their own.  This list of my favorite pieces could be used to create a beautiful space, or individual items could be worked into a room to give it a bit of a modern edge.

1.  Blackened Brass Hans Pedestal Table by Jonathan AdlerModern Furniture Design2.  Lighthouse Oil Lamps from Menu

Modern Furniture Design 2

3.  R Augousti Jewelry Box Embossed In Snake Skin & Stingray

Modern Furniture Design 34.  Kubik by Michael Reeves.  Gorgeous ink color.

Modern Furniture Design 4

5.  Orly Console Table

Modern Furniture Design 7

6.  Landscape II, 2007.  Silver leaf, resin, pigment on panel.  By Nancy Lorenz.

Modern Furniture Design 5

7.  Side Table from Bungalo 5.

Modern Furniture Design 88.  Lighting from Ralph Pucci International

Modern Furniture Design 11

9.  Canyon Coffee Table from RobiCara.

Modern Furniture Design 10

10.  Bruno Dining Chair from Studio Van Den Akker.

Modern Furniture Design 12

11.  Side table with acrylic top and brass base, from The Apartment by McCollin Bryan.

Modern Furniture Design 9

12.  Driftwood Finish Dresser from Assemblage

Modern Furniture Design 14

Ski Lodge Design

When you think of ski lodge-inspired design, the kitschy, literal images that first come to mind don’t necessarily represent the best this look has to offer.

My perception of ski lodge-inspired design is the opposite of the kitschy sort of approach the term “ski lodge” brings to mind.  I don’t think of plaid, antlers, and Navajo-themed prints.  Instead, I envision the ski lodge pared down to its basic, rustic elements.  When you think of winter, you tend to think of snow, evergreens, and bare branches.  My ideal ski lodge design would follow that train of thought, allowing an appreciation of elements that come from a natural place.

Ski lodge designed by Ray Booth.
Design by Christian’s and Hennie of Norway

Without the distraction of novelties, the natural beauty of ski lodge elements create a retreat worth getting away to.  With exposed wood beams, a field stone fireplace, and vast windows framing mountainous views, the building’s architecture is better reflected.  Using modern and sleek furniture as opposed to overstuffed, cushy styles contributes to clean lines and balances out the natural elements.

Beautiful design by Atelier AM, via Architectural Digest.
Ray Booth design.

Gathering places like the living room and porch, as well as private spaces like the bedroom and bath, can evoke the ski lodge feel while keeping a thoughtful atmosphere.

Aspen bedroom design by David Easton.
Aspen living room, also by David Easton.
Unusual furniture color here is great.  Image via Elle Decor.
Perfect modern bathroom for a ski lodge. Design by Frank de Biasi.
Modern. Image via South Shore Decorating.


Eclectic Family Room

This family room was such a fun space to create.

This family room was such a fun space to create.  It has an edgier vibe with a punch of color, definitely a modern room.  The palette and design approach allowed for so much creativity and the use of fantastic accents.

One piece that instantly sets the mood for the entire space is the Donghia swivel chair upholstered in F. Schumacher Ikat Velvet.  I just adore Ikat patterns!

The shag carpet from Patterson, Flynn & Martin is another favorite element of this family room.  Shag carpets can be a hard sell to present to a client, with its reminders of the 1970’s, but this carpet is hip and urban, especially with the dark grey hue.

Other important pieces for the room include the Pottery Barn storage cabinet and coffee and side tables from Design Within Reach.  All are solid and anchor the space  without detracting from the room’s modern lines.

Finally, the accessories really make this space speak.  The hint of gold adds contrast to the furniture pieces.  The artwork is abstract and grounds the use of the dominating red hue of the room.  The unusual wood lamp and touch of Buddha spirit add a decorative element as well.  These are the kinds of essential details that make a project into something more than just a decorated room!