Les Lalanne at Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris

I recently came across these images of the Les Lelanne exhibit Les Arts Decoratifs and was entranced.

Les Arts Decoratifs, or the Museum of Decorative Art, in Paris holds more than 350,000 works in its collections.  I recently came across these images of the 2010 Les Lelanne exhibit at the museum and was entranced.

Les Lalanne is an artist duo comprised of French artists François-Xavier Lalanne (1927–2008) and Claude Lalanne (b. 1924).  The married couple co-created projects, with Francois focusing on animal sculptures and Claude preferring vegetation.  Their works have been exhibited in various venues, but I particularly love these exhibits  at Les Arts Decoratifs.

The appeal of this exhibit, for me, is the effect of the whimsical animals seeming to wander around in this vast architectural space.  Displayed in an area with minimal color, the exhibit produces a visceral reaction.

Tabletop Inspirations

Don’t underestimate the ability of fine dinnerware to add a special or unique touch to the table.

What do you use your dishes for?  Are they simply utilitarian, something to toss on the table at dinner, then clean up and store out of sight once the meal is over?  On most nights of the week, dinner time is more about reconnecting with family after a busy day or fitting in a quick dinner between soccer and homework than about transforming your table into a masterpiece of a tablescape.

When you have guests, however, don’t underestimate the ability of fine dinnerware to add a special or unique touch to the table.  Dinnerware can add color, interest, and style to the table.  There’s no reason why you can’t use the dinnerware as another interesting element to make your guests feel special.

Here are some examples of dinnerware I love.  They represent a variety of colors and styles, but what they have in common is a heightened level of interest or detail that can easily be carried into other accent pieces for the table.

Decorate your table with this over the top tobacco leaf plate. Keep everything else simple.
This is my mother's china - Tree of Life. I have always loved the tree of life motif - inspiration from my mother!
Match - Pewter Table Top
Jasper Conran Chinoiserie


Fortuny & L'Objet - Fabulous!
Classic Hermes
L'objet - Mythologie

And of course, who says fabulous dinnerware has to be confined to a tabletop?