Eclectic Family Room

This family room was such a fun space to create.

This family room was such a fun space to create.  It has an edgier vibe with a punch of color, definitely a modern room.  The palette and design approach allowed for so much creativity and the use of fantastic accents.

One piece that instantly sets the mood for the entire space is the Donghia swivel chair upholstered in F. Schumacher Ikat Velvet.  I just adore Ikat patterns!

The shag carpet from Patterson, Flynn & Martin is another favorite element of this family room.  Shag carpets can be a hard sell to present to a client, with its reminders of the 1970’s, but this carpet is hip and urban, especially with the dark grey hue.

Other important pieces for the room include the Pottery Barn storage cabinet and coffee and side tables from Design Within Reach.  All are solid and anchor the space  without detracting from the room’s modern lines.

Finally, the accessories really make this space speak.  The hint of gold adds contrast to the furniture pieces.  The artwork is abstract and grounds the use of the dominating red hue of the room.  The unusual wood lamp and touch of Buddha spirit add a decorative element as well.  These are the kinds of essential details that make a project into something more than just a decorated room!



Cozy Chic Family Room

Our goal here was to create a comfortable, cozy environment in a livable space with absolutely nothing pretentious.

An open floor plan offers unique challenges and opportunities.  For this client, the family room opened to both the kitchen and dining area so all three spaces needed to tie together.  Our goal here was to create a comfortable, cozy environment in a livable space with absolutely nothing pretentious.  The rooms already had good flow from that open floor plan as well as lots of natural light and simple
architecture.  With these things in mind, we set out to create this cozy chic living room.

The primary color selection for this project was green.  Combined with all that wonderful light, the natural, organic color palette allows the influence of the outdoors to pour into the interior.  The resulting effect is inviting and has a simple influence but layers of warmth.   To achieve this, I chose materials like wicker, iron, walnut, and a hint of bamboo.  Since the space holds three different actions — eating, cooking, and lounging — elements had to not only compliment each other but also almost repeat to tie everything together.  For example, walnut in both the island and coffee table, bamboo on the ottomans and bar stools, and wicker chairs echoed by baskets.

Some of the items and materials used here were really enjoyable to work with.  The tile back splash warms up the white cabinetry of the kitchen while the Lamplight Designs lanterns over the island draw in that soft green color seen throughout the space.  The chenille sofa fabric from Cowtan & Tout, for example, or the John Rosselli & Associates bamboo ottomans upholstered in leather.  One of my favorite accents, however, is the Vaughan standing lamp in iron!

I think the finished room really lives up to all of its potential.  This is a great gathering area where everyone feels connected and part of the open communication of living together in a wonderfully habitable space.