Color Obsession: Nautical Blue

To me, Nautical Blue brings to mind a more lush, sophisticated take on summer.

The word nautical typically conjures up images of novelty items like anchors, gulls, and sailboats.  To me, Nautical Blue brings to mind a more lush, sophisticated take on summer.  It’s a strong, bold color that reminds me of growing up on the water.  Nautical Blue makes me think of the ocean, reflections, and the places where I find inspiration.  As part of an interior, you can do a play on a nautical theme in a subtle way by using nubby fabric or a blue and white stripe.  The interpretation of this shade and theme doesn’t have to be literal.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Nautical Blue

1.  Togo Sofa from Ligne Roset

2.  Commodore by Sherwin Williams

3.  Cushion cover by Shibori

4.  Chanel

5.  Hexagon Range from Geometric Carpets

6.  Blue Note Blonde, oil on canvas, Matt Story

7.  Fabric by Ferrick Mason

8.  Shoulder bag by Prada


Color Obsession: Apricot

Apricot makes me think of sun kissed skin and sheer femininity.

Apricot makes me think of sun kissed skin and sheer femininity. It evokes happiness, liveliness, and a kind of sweet freshness.  Apricot is not as intense as orange, but has a lighter approach – it holds a yellow-pink undertone, making it possible to mix it with other palettes or maintain one consistent value.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design

1.  Sophie Cowhide Cuff

2.  Great palette.  Image via Elle Decoration.

3.  Dolce & Gabbana Pumps

4.  Stunning makeup.

5.  Quadrille Fabrics

6.  Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag

7.  Lamps by Joe Cariati

8.  Living room design by Jeffrey Bilhuber.

Color Obsession: Lavender, Amethyst, Violet, Oh My!

Lavender is my grey.

Lavender is my grey.  It’s a calming color that can be perceived as pretty and feminine.  It exudes a warmth where grey can be more cold and can range from amethyst to lilac.  We had the pleasure of designing a large office for a client who wanted the room to be her own space.  Everything in that room is purple, from the walls and upholstery to the window treatments.  She says it is one of the happiest spaces in her home, and she loves it.  It works because the shades of purple can be pushed to either end of the spectrum, toward blues or toward rose and pink.  Everybody looks good in purple.  A man wearing purple just exudes confidence.  What do you think of this color?

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Greenwich Interior Design 2

1.  Design by Carla Aston

2.  Manolo Blahnik

3.  Amethyst lamp by McCoy Design

4.  Emzee Fabric from Duralee

5.  Vogue

6.  Field of lavender.  (Source)

7.  Bulgari hand bag

8.  Innocent by Ali Kursun


Color Obsession: Olive

Olive is one of those hues I tend to gravitate toward.

When I think of Olive, it reminds me of army colors.  It is one of those hues I tend to gravitate toward.  Olive is an earth-oriented shade, not something that pops with jolts of color.  It has a more serene presence.  Although part of the green color family, Olive has a brown under hue and works well with a gray or neutral based palette.  It’s also a very specific color.  When you say green, people visualize a whole spectrum of possibilities.  Say Olive, and everyone understands exactly what color that is.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Color Obsession Olive

1.  Living room design by High Fashion Home.

2.  Cleos Breeze fabric by Robert Allen

3.  Z Spoke handbag by Zac Posen

4.  Over the knee boots by Christian Louboutin

5.  Paint colors by Benjamin Moore

6.  Image via Modernica

7.  Tripolina Chair from Environment Furniture

8.  Dress by Shinaz Engineer

9.  Risky Business, 2010, by Madeline Denaro


Cover Image:  Guiseppe Zanotti Open Toe Bootie, Valentino Rockstud Hobo, Living room image via DigsDigs


Color Obsession: Navy and Plum

Navy and plum make a deep, sultry combo.

Navy and plum make a deep, sultry combo.  What I love about them is how they are such a saturated.  So many people want blue or navy for their interiors which is so typical to see paired with white or red — things that are basic.  I want to be able to counteract with something else, and plum does that.  It doesn’t create a high contrast, but the two colors pair well because they are on the same level of saturation.  Part of my obsession is my serious desire to get away from what everyone else is doing.  Yes, an interior is an investment, and some people are braver than others.  I see so much similarity and safeness as a designer, so when I am working on projects with repetitive palettes, it is nice to jump outside the box.  With a color like blue that everyone loves, I like the idea of being original and pairing it with something that isn’t the norm.  Add a little spice!

Amy Hirsch Greenwich Interior Design

1.  Purple Ocean, oil on canvas, by Lynn Grayson

2.  Fragile, photography by Cathleen Naundorf

3.  1950s Lounge Chair from Michel Contessa

4.  Valentino Spring 2015

5.  Galata Pumps by Louboutin

6.  Tablecloth from My World Bazaar — fabric would make amazing pillows!

7.  Hughes Upholstered Velvet Sofa

8.  Over Dyed Vintage by Sacco Carpet


Color Obsession: Currant

When I think of Currant, I think of a deep, sultry color.

When I think of Currant, I think of a deep, sultry color.  I became inspired by it as a change from the trend of black, white, and neutral interiors.  I recently pitched this color for a library as a cohesive palette to pair well with and balance rich wood tones — think walnut and wine.  It’s definitely more dramatic, being so deep and saturated and just a more grounded color.   A hue like this is about taking chances and steering away from the path everyone else is walking.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design CT

1.  Teatro Cervantes Buenos Aires IV, 2006 by  Candida Hofer

2.  Torn Spiral Series, Moss & Lam

3.  Sloop Chair by Amy Somerville

4.  Donna Karan, New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

5.  Currants, via Tumblr

6.  Decollete 554 by Louboutin

7.  Over Dyed Vintage by SACCO Carpet

8.  Rock Chronograph Watch by Marc Jacobs



Color Obsession: Celosia Orange

Celosia Orange is a great color for this time of year.

One of the best things about spring is the opportunity to embrace the brightness of the season.  Celosia Orange is a great color for this time of year.  It’s a crisp, saturated, uplifting hue that can add a bit of fun to a space or provide a boost with a dramatic splash of color.  Use it to spice up a neutral palette or add zest to a modern interior.  Bold and eye-catching, Celosia Orange is one of my favorite shades.

Amy Hirsch Celosia Orange

1.  An amazing color for a low rider!  (source)

2.  Hermes, always a classic.

3.  Mark Rothko, Untitled No. 11

4.  Saint Laurent Color Block Ring

5.  Celosia Orange Rug from Crate and Barrel

6.  Gorgeous design by S.R. Gambrel

7.  Cool shoes!  (source)

8.  Gorgeous dress by KaufmanFranco


Color Obsession: Blueberry and Yellow

Blueberry and yellow is one color combination I really love.

A few days ago, I saw some freelance work my Project Manager Jess was working on.  She makes beautiful cards, and was testing colors for her creations.  One of her palettes used blueberry and yellow, and it struck me as so appealing.  The next day, Krystal, another project manager, came in dressed in a really great outfit with the same blueberry and yellow palette.  I love how inspiration can come in tiny ways like this; a lovely card or a striking outfit.  Inspiration doesn’t have to come from some grand scheme but can be found in so many places.  These colors became the inspiration for an entire family room design.

The contrasting shades of blueberry and yellow bring out the best in each other and provide such a bright, rich hue.  It’s a graphic and eye-catching combination, with the darker blue bringing out the sunniness of the yellow.  It brings to mind warm summer days, something most of us are looking forward to this time of year.  In both interior design and fashion, blueberry and yellow are so uplifting.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch

1.  Blue and Yellow

2.  Suellen Gregory Interior Design

3.  Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel

4.  Dress by Stella McCartney

5.  Swatch by artist Sonia Delaunay

6.  Manolo Blahnik Suede Pumps

7.  Design by Joel Bray


Color Obsession: Navy and Gray

Navy and gray make a great combination and are so satisfying during short, chilly days!

This time of year, with cold weather setting in, I begin to gravitate toward heavier, textural fabrics and colors.  I think of handsome, masculine hues and the pleasure of wrapping yourself in cashmere and wool.  Two colors that I associate with this season are navy and gray.  They make a great combination and are so satisfying during short, chilly days!

amy hirsch color board navy-blue

1.  Arrangements in Gray and White by New England Home Magazine

2.  H Cocktail Table by Holly Hunt

3.  Winter Solstice No 2 by Laura J. Wellner

4.  Laurel Convex Mirror from Downtown

5.  Walker Pinstripe in Navy from Ralph Lauren Home

6.  Benjamin Moore Silver Dollar

7.  See by Chloe Fold-Over Suede Mid-Calf Boot

8.  Bathroom by Daun Curry

9.  Rag & Bone Jacket, Tank, and Shorts

Color Obsession: White

A naturally reflective and bright color, white accommodates a range of accent hues and pairs so well with natural tones.

White is a great color in both design and fashion.  It is so clean, crisp, and refreshing.  A naturally reflective and bright color, white accommodates a range of accent hues and pairs so well with natural tones.  During the warm summer months, white looks cool against sun-kissed skin whether worn all over or just with accessories.  How do you like to use white?

white design and fashion

1.  Modern barn design in white by Robert Young Architects.

2.  Kimberly McDonald Geode and Diamond Earrings

3.  Eames Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair from Design Within Reach

4.  Valentino Studded Leather Tote

5.  Vanderhurd Cushion

6.  Cavetto Wallcovering from Weitzner Limited

7.  Beautiful white living room.  Image via Safavieh

8.  Christian Louboutin Very Prive

9.  White dress by Alexander McQueen