Color Obsession: Pink

Pink is not an easy color to design with, but I can appreciate it in certain elements.

I’ll be honest with you — I’m not obsessed with the color pink.  It’s just not my go-to color on the wheel.  It always seems like such a stereotypical, over-used “girl color” to me, but it also makes me think of bubblegum and Pepto-Bismol.  It’s not an easy color to design with, but I can appreciate it in certain elements.  I love pink flowers and reading Pinkalicious with my very girly-girl four year old.  Pink has also become a positive symbol for breast cancer research and awareness.  Many women look beautiful in pink, which exudes femininity.  It makes people think of spring, flowers, hope, and happiness.  I don’t know about you, but as we endure yet another snow day here, I could use a reminder of spring!  What do you think of pink?

1.  Photography by Waldemar Hansson

2.  Princess Pink from Benjamin Moore

3.  Chloe Marcie Leather Handbag

4.  Alexander McQueen Skull Embellished Watersnake Ballet Flats

5.  Bedroom design by Amanda Nisbet

6.  Retro pink fridge from Smeg

7.  Pink shagreen box with brass inlay from Galart International

8.  Square in Square rug in Rose by Vanderhurd

9.  Oil painting by Kate Perkins

Color Obsession: Black

I absolutely love black!

I absolutely love black!  I wear it just about every day.  Something about black makes me think of confidence, so I feel stronger when I’m wearing it.  In interior design, black makes a dominant accent color, especially when used in a key area of the room.  You can’t be wary of black when designing with it; you have to be bold and fearless, whether you choose to use it for paint, furniture, or fabric.  I am obsessed with it!

1.  Kara Mann Design

2.  Lens Chandelier by Holly Hunt

3.  Karl Springer Coffee Table from Todd Merrill Antiques

4.  Bagatelle Spot wallpaper from Osborne and Little

5.  Blackman Cruz Neoclassic Dining Chair

6.  Michael Kors Black Leather Hobo

7.  Benjamin Moore Black Satin

8.  Alexander McQueen

9.  Black tulips:  I love these!

10.  Christian Louboutin Diplonana Black Leather

Color Obsession: Red

Red excites people with an enticing, energetic jolt of color.

Red is simply a sexy, va-va-voom color.  It makes people think of lipstick, fast cars, love, and risk. Red excites people with an enticing, energetic jolt of color.  Brunettes and blonds look great in red, and it’s hard to think of a color that implies more emotion.  You can saturate an entire room in this bold palette or wear it all over for a glamorous night out!

1.  Stitched Puzzle wallcovering from Maya Romanoff

2.  Lantern by Urban Electric, custom colored for Amy Aidinis Hirsch Interior Design.  Photo by Neil Landino.

3.  Mark Rothko

4.  Chair by Duralee with Yoma fabric for a client of AAH.  Photo by Neil Landino.

5.  1960 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Roadster

6.  Living room with red accents, design by AAH.  Photo by Neil Landino.

7.  Christian Louboutin, Platform Red Pumps

8.  A-line Mini Dress from Victoria Beckham

9.  Custom sofa design by AAH.  Photo by Neil Landino.

10.  Red and white design.  Image via High Street Market.

**Cover image design by Brian McCarthy via Elle Decor

Color Obsession: Black and White

The combination of black and white in both fashion and design is always very graphic.

The combination of black and white in both fashion and design is always very graphic.  You have two strong elements that are not at all subtle.  People shy away from using it in interiors, especially those clients with families, but a black and white color scheme makes for a striking environment.  On their own, each color evokes its own singular response (mysterious black, pure white) but when used together, the results are quite stunning.

1.  Painting by artist Renato Freitas

2.  Zebra Cube, Design Within Reach

3.  Oscar de la Renta

4.  Madeline Weinrib Carpet

5.  Black Satin from Benjamin Moore

6.  Alexander McQueen

7.  Platinum, Diamond and Onyx Ring from Tiffany & Co., circa 1925.

8.  Wallpaper by Osborne and Little

9.  Sorenson 18 Pendant from Remains

10.  Black and white foyer, design by Rob Southern

Color Obsession: Grey

Grey is certainly in fashion now, a softer alternative to black.

Grey is definitely part of a very neutral palette.  It’s certainly in fashion, a softer alternative to black.  Grey isn’t dreary at all, can be read as blue, and doesn’t compete with other colors.  Other colors can be interjected with grey, but it’s a color to be mindful of to avoid taking it to a severe level.

1.  Chinois Our Way by Philip Jeffries

2.  Ann Sacks tile via Boston Design Center

3.  Honeycomb Light Fixture by Tim Clarke

4.  Manolo Blahnick – Scomess Elastic-Collar Suede Bootie

5.  Prabal Gurung, image via Elle

6. Montaigne Collection Tournai Wood Floors

7.  Grey living room, image via New England Home


Color Obsession: Ink

This deep inky color, just shy of black, is a shade I really love right now.

This deep inky color, just shy of black, is a shade I really love right now.  I can see so many uses for it, from accents to wall coverings to fashion.

Cover Image: Photos by (left to right):  Blue Pool Road, Pia Ulin, and Kate Mathis

1.  Indigo Intrecciato Nappa Duo Bag

2.  Beautiful industrial-chic kitchen with rustic touches by Richard Powers

3. Totem V by Meredith Pardue

4.  Porta Romana Glass Slinky Lamp

5.  F. Schumacher Greek Key Sisal

6.  Surfacing by Eric Zener

7.  Glazed Garden Stool by Dennis and Leen

8.  Liya Kebede

9.  Maharam