Favorite Things: Brass

Here are some of my favorite examples of using brass in interior design!

Brass was a popular finish in the 1970s on furniture and accessories, and in the 1980s brass fittings, plumbing, and hardware were mainstream choices until the clean look of polished nickel edged it out of common use.  Lately brass has made a comeback, and not in an over-the-top, opulent manner.  Brass can be tactfully done to add warmth and elegance to a space.  It can be chic, lend an art deco feel to a room, and have a visually grounding effect.  Similar to using gold accessories, brass can be that pop of something extra in a beautiful interior.  Here are some of my favorite examples of using brass in interior design!

1.  Clarendon Wall Mirror from Crate & Barrel2.  Kismet & Karma Brass Tiles by Alloy

3.  Brass Coffee Table by Mastercraft

4.  Brass staircase railing by Kelly Wearstler, image via Elle Decor

5.  Brass Console Table by Taylor Llorente

6.  Hardwick Table Lamp

7.  Brass Sink

8.  Iacoli & McAllister Brass Pendant Lamp

9.  Brass Door, image via Fffound

10.  Folded Brass Wall Decor from Dwell Studio

11.  Lumiere Chandelier by Jean de Merry

12.  Brass Door Handle, image via Dwell

Cover image:  Steampunk Panel from Spoonflower

Interior Design Trends for 2013

I’ve seen quite a few lists of design trends to watch for in 2013, and several of them really resonate with me.

I’ve seen quite a few lists of design trends to watch for in 2013, and several of them really resonate with me.  Some appeal to the traditionalist in me, while others are a bit riskier.  It will be interesting to see which of these trends get the most attention over the upcoming year or beyond, and which turn out to be more short-lived.  Here are the predicted trends I am most excited about!

1.  Brass:  This is a metal I’ve seen come up on more than one list.  This warm, ’70s inspired finish is something I’m already in love with.

Brass staircase designed by Kelly Wearstler.

2.  High Gloss:  Nothing compares to the shine and polish of a high gloss lacquer!  Lacquered walls really stand out and, when thoughtfully combined with more traditional elements in a room, create an unforgettable look.

Incredible lacquer walls, design by Jeffrey Bilhuber.

3.  Art:  Selecting just the right piece of art for a client’s space is one of my favorite things about designing.  I am always on the look out for an artist whose work appeals to me and fits perfectly with one of my projects.   I love that this is a trend for 2013.

Octopus sketch by artist Tierra Connor.

4.  Antique Furniture:  The trend here lies in mixing antique furniture with more modern elements, something I always enjoy doing.  In fact, hunting for just the right piece until I find exactly what I’m looking for is so exciting.

This gorgeous antique piece I found for a client’s entry used to be part of an 1800’s bar in the south of France.

5.  Embellished Walls:  I have long been a fan of custom wall coverings.  There are so many amazing options available to suit the needs of nearly any client in nearly any space.  From grass cloth and linen to hand painted and beaded, wall coverings are as varied and unique as the spaces they decorate.

For this client, I covered the walls of their home theater in Ralph Lauren Mahogany Yacare Crocodile.

6.  Lace:  If the word lace makes you think of your grandmother’s doilies, think again.  Like other old-is-new trends, using lace in unexpected ways can bring a lot of beauty and character to a room.  Think of combining it with more contemporary designs or using it in small, non-traditional ways.

This pillow features black lace accents. From the Jason Wu/Canvas line.

Which trends for 2013 are you most excited about?