Artisanal Cheese

I often find myself turning to quick and delicious options, like a beautiful cheese plate.

As much as I love good food, I am not much of a cook myself.  More often than not, you’ll find me standing in the kitchen at 7:00 in the evening asking myself, “What’s for dinner?”  If I had the time, I’d definitely do more cooking!  Instead, I find myself turning to quick and delicious options, like a beautiful cheese plate rounded out with fresh fruit, bread, and maybe some greens for good measure.  If you run into us at Fairway Market, we’ll probably be standing at the cheese counter!

A lovely cheese plate! (Image via The Sprouted Kitchen)

Our enjoyment of these simple meals centered around good cheese has led us to branch out from what’s available at the local market.  One place we enjoy right in our own back yard is Napa and Company in Stamford.  Their excellent menu is accented by a variety of artisanal cheeses, from aromatic cheeses like Morbier and Epoisses to sharp varieties like Manchego and Tarentaise.  The cheese menu includes wine suggestions as well.  With such an assortment of cheeses to sample, it’s easy to discover new flavors and expand your palette!

Napa and Company
Napa and Company

Another fantastic place to dine on cheese or shop for cheeses to bring home with you is Artisanal Bistro in NYC.  This is a  great stop for anyone in NY who loves cheese, wine, and good food.  When you step into Artisanal Bistro, it’s like walking into a different era.  I love the retro vibe, with art deco lights and a tin ceiling.

Artisanal Bistro
Artisanal Bistro

Artisanal Bistro’s cheese and wine pairings are really interesting and the Cheese Shop gives visitors the opportunity to purchase hand crafted cheeses from around the world or impressive cheese platters.  Cheese boxes and baskets make wonderful gifts and include gourmet treats chosen to best complement the included cheeses.

Cheeses at Artisanal Bistro
The cheese counter at Artisanal Bistro.

Chances are, there’s a local cheese shop near you.  Why not stop in and try a new variety of cheese or bring some home for a simple, quick dinner?  If you’d like to learn more about the cheese shops above, both Napa and Company and Artisanal Bistro are on Facebook.