Michael Dweck’s The End: Montauk, NY

Photographer Michael Dweck often turns his lens toward Montauk, NY.

Photographer Michael Dweck often turns his lens toward Montauk, NY.  His Montauk photos so perfectly represent the mood and feel of the area that simply looking at them evokes all of the feelings of my family summers spent in this old fishing village perched on the farthest point of Long Island.

Calm Before the Storm
Wave 12
Surfing the Break

When Dweck published his collection titled The End: Montauk, NY in 2004, it was featured in several art fairs and exhibits that year.  The work is so chic and sexy.  I really like the black and white photography and am especially drawn to Dweck’s nudes.  I think the human body is a work of art, and the way Dweck exhibits it is so free and casual.  These images really symbolize summer, especially the summer of the young and carefree, full of potential and excitement.

Sonya Poles
Lilla 3
Surfs Up
Jacqueline and Friend 2

Michael Dweck’s photo collections, including his images of Montauk, are available in book format.   His website also contains stunning galleries of his work as well as essays on his collections that beautifully describe his photographs.

Les Lalanne at Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris

I recently came across these images of the Les Lelanne exhibit Les Arts Decoratifs and was entranced.

Les Arts Decoratifs, or the Museum of Decorative Art, in Paris holds more than 350,000 works in its collections.  I recently came across these images of the 2010 Les Lelanne exhibit at the museum and was entranced.

Les Lalanne is an artist duo comprised of French artists François-Xavier Lalanne (1927–2008) and Claude Lalanne (b. 1924).  The married couple co-created projects, with Francois focusing on animal sculptures and Claude preferring vegetation.  Their works have been exhibited in various venues, but I particularly love these exhibits  at Les Arts Decoratifs.

The appeal of this exhibit, for me, is the effect of the whimsical animals seeming to wander around in this vast architectural space.  Displayed in an area with minimal color, the exhibit produces a visceral reaction.

New Exhibition at Anne Loucks Gallery, IL

From February 3 through March 31, Anne Loucks Gallery in Glencoe, IL (20 miles North of Chicago) will be running an exhibition titled Photography 2012: Through the Lens.

From February 3 through March 31, Anne Loucks Gallery in Glencoe, IL (20 miles North of Chicago) will be running an exhibition titled Photography 2012:  Through the Lens.  The exhibition will feature the work of several amazing artists.  I love the Anne Loucks Gallery and encourage you to experience the exhibit through their website if you can’t attend in person.

The photographers whose work is on display for this exhibit represent a variety of styles and subjects.  All of these artists are amazing!

Chris Honeysett

Oaks in Fog Mendocino
Pier, Inverness

 Jan Gauthier

Available Light
Apple Blossoms Late Spring

Joshua Jensen-Nagle

Budapest Bathers III
St. Marks from Bell Tower

Larry Chait


Laurie Victor Kay

Painter, Lourve
Plage, Noir

 Lyle Gomes

Maze, England 1998
Dew Trails, California 1998

To learn more about this exhibit or view more work by these artists, visit the gallery website.

Artist Marc Harrold

I found myself mesmerized by the sleekness of Marc Harrold’s photography at the Samuel Owen Gallery.

Typically, I am late for everything and recently on my mad dash to get lunch I stumbled into the Samuel Owen Gallery. With absolutely no time to spare, I found myself mesmerized by the sleekness of some photography at the gallery.  I knew the artwork would be perfect for a project I’m working on in Southampton.

From the gallery I learned the artist behind these fascinating images is Marc Harrold from Paris, France.  To create his photos, Marc purposely overdevelops the images then selectively adds color back into the images.  The photographs are back mounted with 1/4″ UV acrylic with an aluminum backing to hold them rigid.  On the back of each photo is a cleat with a coordinating wall piece which allows the photo to rest flat against the wall.  The resulting artwork appears to float over the wall.

Marc primarily photographs beach scenes in his native France.  The wide spaces in his large-format prints combine with the brightness of the over-exposure, and prominent and sweeping horizon line, truly evoke the feeling of being at the beach with the sun in your eyes and feeling that you can see all the way to the edge of the world.

Later that day I actually had a meeting with my Southampton client and expressed my interest in the artwork of Marc’s I had seen earlier.  She perked right up and said, “I saw the same thing!” and we both were totally excited like two 5 year old children!

Art is so difficult to choose for a client.  It is just one of those things people have a very visceral  reaction to, sentimental and expressive of one’s personal reflection.  I can’t wait to install this artwork for my client; it is going to totally set the overall feeling of the house!
Beach 1

Of his own work, Marc says, “‘I take photos of places at different times of the day, sometimes randomly, to emphasize the interaction between the light and the shade, the effect of time on the beauty of the instant. This way, probable or more unlikely encounters unveil the invisible from the visible. My photos are a reflection on the fickleness of people, of things. Signs that draw their way through light and shadow. Aestheticism is important to me to carry my thoughts and feelings.  My work is not intended to carry any specific message, but rather to share an emotion that is magnified by the experience of the observer.”

Beach 46
Beach 37
Beach 62

It’s difficult to do this artwork any justice on a computer screen!  To see more examples of Marc Harrold’s photography, including detailed images, visit Samuel Owen Gallery or look them up on Facebook.