One great way to incorporate greenery is with planters.

Sometimes the spring/summer season sneaks up on you, but you can’t neglect the task of beautifying your patio or deck.  One great way to incorporate greenery is with planters.  With such a range of sizes and styles available, you can really say something with planters.

axel medium sutherland furniture

pennoyer newman industrial planter


cubist fiber planter from terrain

When choosing planters, you can find something that provides contrast or select pieces that blend with the architecture, outdoors or indoors.  There is such a variety of textures, colors, and shapes of planters –big pots filled with gorgeous plants make a major statement in a great room or sun room.  Or, you can group smaller planters together on a wall, the stairs, or a console.

great lakes rectangular planter

artisan series planter

riverside sheet metal zinc planter

You can further customize planters with what you fill them with.  The contents of your planters have just as much potential for variety, from flowers and herbs to trees and tall grasses.  When choosing plants, take into consideration their height, texture, and color.  Some plants repel pests while others make pleasant sounds when the wind moves through them.

inverlussa palm box with rivets mckinnon harrisaldo cibic and cristiana urban riviera plant stands

williams sonoma reclaimed redwood planters

How do you decorate with planters?