Waterworks Kitchen

Almost every element of the kitchen is part of the Waterworks Kitchen line, creating a complete design experience.

I was in NYC recently for an appointment, rushing because I was late.  I stopped short when I saw a new Waterworks storefront with a beautiful vignette and just had to go inside even though I was running late.  This Waterworks show room is not massive in scale, but what they fit in was so impressive.    The line includes everything from sinks and fittings to cabinets and work tables.  Everything has been designed with an eye toward both form and function, using the finest materials.

Waterworks Kitchen NYCWaterworks Kitchen 3

Almost every element of the kitchen is part of the Waterworks Kitchen line, creating a complete design experience.  I saw simple lines and super approachable products that a wide range of people will gravitate toward.  The cabinets are simple but come in sultry, interesting colors with smokier tones, not your typical white kitchen.  I find the way they displayed kitchen sinks so interesting, showcasing vast array of ways to use them.  One sink I loved was immense at 54 in long with two drying boards set underneath — so clever and really inventive.

Waterorks Kitchen 1Waterworks Kitchen 2

Waterworks has  expanded plumbing fixtures to the point where they have a grand scale and such a presence.  The new lines are not typical and show an insightful reinvention of fixtures and other kitchen elements.  Waterworks has turned a product that was already great into something really thoughtful.  This is such beautiful hardware.  I really appreciate how they’ve taken an element we all believe in at its simplest form and developed on it.   Today’s clients don’t want a lot of hardware in a modern setting, which is why the Waterworks recessed options are so smart.  The light fixtures are also quite modern and appealing with an industrial vibe, definitely something for everyone.

Waterworks Kitchen 6Waterworks Kitchen 7Waterworks Kitchen 4

I walked out wanting to design whole Waterworks kitchen with all of the accoutrements that go with it.  The Waterworks showroom is so well presented, it makes it easy for a client to envision their own kitchen design, and that in itself is a success.