Evolution of a Project: Part 1

Every project, no matter the scope, begins with an initial consultation.

Every project has its own progression, its own DNA if you will.  I would like to share this process with my readers over several blog posts with the goal of giving a deeper understanding of the breadth of services we provide and the level of cooperation we have with everyone involved, from contractors and clients to architects and artisans.

Every project, no matter the scope, begins with an initial consultation.  My clients come from a variety of sources, and whether they find me by a referral or a magazine editorial, the beauty of meeting new clients is that I never know what I am going to walk into or where it will lead.  It’s always exciting to see the potential in a project and to sense the energy and good vibe between myself and a client.  Developing this good synergy is the first step as we look at the project, discuss the client’s wants, and go over the client’s needs.  During this initial meeting, we often get so deep into conversation that we lose track of time.  A project leads to months of time spent together, so there has to be some connection which I can almost always feel as soon as I meet a prospective client.

Recently, I had a call from a new client and set up a meeting.  When I learned of the location, I felt less than enthusiastic.  It was farther than I wanted to drive and I was definitely not excited about the distance.  The day of the meeting was beautiful, however, and as I drove I truly enjoyed the fall colors and the down time with my thoughts.  When I arrived at my client’s home, I knew from her unique interior and great personality that we would work so well together.  That kind of good energy makes me thrive!  The experience served as a reminder of why I love what I do.


Of course, before a project can get underway, there are negotiations and contracts to go over.  This stage can be daunting and difficult, with variables and unknowns on both sides.  It takes trust from all parties to commit to a project on paper, which is one reason why it’s so important to establish a good connection during the initial meetings and discussions.

After these first meetings, negotiations, and contracts, exciting things begin to happen!