The Sentimentalist

I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful blog written by my friend Lindley Pless: The Sentimentalist.

From time to time I like to share other blogs that I think will interest my readers.  While my own interests tend to naturally focus on design or fashion blogs, today I’d like to introduce you to a wonderful blog written by my friend Lindley Pless:  The Sentimentalist.  Lindley started The Sentimentalist as a way to feature content she considered valuable and worth sharing with others.  Her blog is a place where art, food, design, fashion, and even her own opinions come together and intersect.

From Lindley's blog about Green & Tonic, a natural food store.
From Lindley’s blog about Green & Tonic, a natural food store.
hello fall
From an Autumn photo collection.

When starting a blog, coming up with a name for your site is the first challenge.  Lindley discussed her blog title with friends, and in articulating her desire to create content from her own heart, the title The Sentimentalist was born.  Lindley really is a sentimental person, wearing her heart on her sleeve.  She sees beauty everywhere in life, even in the things we learn from darkness and heartbreak, so the title of her blog is a true reflection of Lindley’s personality.  Following from that, Lindley strives to connect with her readers, hoping to create an “A ha!” moment, whether it comes from learning about a detangling brush for a child’s unruly hair or the sharing of a challenging life experience that another person can relate to or learn from.  One important quality of The Sentimentalist is the lack of negativity; if Lindley tries a new product but doesn’t really care for it, she doesn’t write about it.  Her focus is on the positive, the sharing of information and experiences that can help or inspire people.  When she addresses personal challenges or emotional situations, she doesn’t dwell on her difficulties but shares her journey and what she’s learned from it, reaching out and encouraging others along the way.

grace quote
An inspiring quote!
From Lindley's writing about grace.
From Lindley’s writing about grace.

In a world where the vast majority of blogs are started, then abandoned (an astounding 95% of them according the NY Times), this is clearly an endeavor that isn’t without its hurdles.  For Lindley, there are two challenges she faces when writing for The Sentimentalist.  First, she works alone.  When she hits “publish” on a blog post, she is presenting it to the world without the benefit of a sounding board.  It definitely takes confidence to put your thoughts out there without having someone looking over your shoulder with second opinions or nods of approval.  Second, Lindley sometimes finds it challenging to put herself in a vulnerable place when writing for her blog.  If she feels a topic has value, she wants to share it, regardless of whether it is read by five people or five thousand.  Writing honestly on a blog often means having the courage to forge ahead regardless of the opinions or approval of others.

One of several secrets Lindley shared.
One of several secrets Lindley shared.

As if being a mom to two active little girls and writing her own blog doesn’t keep her busy enough, Lindley also devotes her time to running Sentimental Videography, giving a face and a brand to non-profit groups using her experience in the television industry.  Closest to Lindley’s heart, however, is the Little Wings Foundation.  Lindley started Little Wings in order to help direct fundraising dollars to reputable, deserving organizations.  She talks to different foundations, researches their practices, and helps ensure that donated funds are used for their intended purpose.  In addition, Lindley is passionate about creating a desire to give back and help others in the next generation.  With Little Wings, she organizes Family Volunteer Days to encourage children to understand the value of giving time and effort to those in need.

I enjoy Lindley’s blog for many reasons.  It’s something I look forward to reading because her writing is often clever and always real.  I admire how she puts her thoughts and feelings out there and finds such inspiration in the quotes she shares.  I love starting the day on a positive note whenever Lindley posts something new!

mandela quote
Words of wisdom for starting the day with a good attitude.

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