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I was first introduced to Ben Ham’s photography when three large pieces of his work were installed in a client’s double story entry.

I was first introduced to Ben Ham‘s photography when three large pieces of his work were installed in a client’s double story entry.  Ben himself traveled from South Carolina to supervise the installation and I am so glad I had the chance to meet him.  Not only is his work stunning, but he is such a likeable and down to earth guy.  It’s amazing to meet an artist who is clearly not only gifted, but really loves his craft.

Ben Ham

My clients found Ben’s work while visiting South Carolina and fell in love with a series of photos of Live Oaks in sepia tones.  They hung three enormous pieces in their entry.  The frames on these large scale photos are so thick, each one weighs over 100 pounds.

Observers in Time: Live oaks draped in Spanish moss.

Ben now lives in Hilton Head, South Carolina, but often travels out West to explore and search for compositions.  His highly collected work includes subjects like South Carolina’s Low Country, the Rockies, the Southwest, and the Pacific Coast.  His art has been featured in numerous magazines, events, and shows and been added to private collections around the world.  I feel so honored to now have a signed copy of his book Vanishing Light.

I love the dramatic landscapes Ben chooses as his subjects and the amount of patience it must take to create such artwork.  Ben’s photographs aren’t digital; they’re taken with a wooden field camera and printed on black and white sheet film.  The patience and passion that go into these breathtaking, large scale images is incredible.  He seems to capture the light at just the right time.

Wall Street
The Bowling Balls
Secret Cove

It really is a gift to me when clients find an artist like Ben Ham.  I can add this work to my repertoire and introduce it to other clients!

Early Morning Clouds
Storm Over the Sound
Slot Canyon

To see more of Ben Ham’s photography and learn about his work, visit his website.  You can also find him on Facebook.