Top 6 Online Design Resources for 2013

As a designer, there are six online resources I find myself regularly using for different reasons.

There are so many online magazines, blogs, storefronts, and websites dedicated to the world of interior design that it’s often a daunting task to find a consistently reliable source of information and inspiration.  Add into that the possibilities of social media and apps, and the idea of staying on top  of changing technology and online resources begins to feel like a full time job!  Like any other resource, however, the internet is something each of us can find just the right way to use depending on our needs.  As a designer, there are six online resources I find myself regularly using for different reasons.  Throughout the upcoming year, I know I will utilize these sites and tools to enhance my business and the options I can offer to my clients.

1.  Houzz  Back in October, I wrote about why I love Houzz as a design resource.  It’s the ideal way to articulate my ideas to clients as well as an incredible place to find inspiration.

2.  Interiors Magazine  An international design magazine, Interiors is a unique voice among design publications, featuring designers and products I don’t often see in other magazines.  Their website allows you to browse digital versions past issues and is great for sourcing product.  For example, I discovered Kyle Bunting Rugs in Interiors Magazine and am really excited to keep them in mind for future clients.

3.  1st Dibs  I could submerge myself for hours in 1st Dibs.  Once a source for great furniture and lighting, you can now shop for jewelry, vintage fashion, and even real estate.  With designer highlights and options for shopping local, 1st Dibs is a worldwide market you can browse without ever leaving your home or office.

4.  Pinterest  Pinterest is a great organizational tool for categorizing thoughts and ideas.  I love seeing what other people are doing as well!  Having the Pin It button right on my toolbar makes it easy to go back to products and inspiration I find anywhere on the web.

5.  Color River App from House Beautiful  Color River is a beautifully done app that I have on my iPad.  It’s a great tool to use with clients for choosing color and coordinating palettes.

6.  Dering Hall  Dering Hall is a favorite source of high end furniture and products from a huge collection of designers and storefronts.  Users can follow favorite designers, browse portfolios, and read about current design trends and happenings in the DH Blog.