S.R. Gambrel

One of my favorite design firms, New York-basked S.R. Gambrel was founded by Steven Gambrel in 1995.

One of my favorite design firms, New York-basked S.R. Gambrel, was founded by Steven Gambrel in 1995.  Gambrel studied architecture at the University of Virginia and has had his designs featured in publications such as Elle Decor, House and Garden, New York Magazine, and many others.  He also recently published his first book featuring his own design projects titled Steven Gambrel:  Time and Place.

Steven Gambrel: Time and Place

S.R. Gambrel’s designs are bold and masculine with no reservations.  His work’s unexpected grandeur comes from a flair for pulling elements together.  He uses an eclectic mix of pieces for dynamic results.  I’ve found that seeing things from Gambrel’s architectural view makes me a better designer.

A great combination of colors in this Southampton space.

Steven Gambrel’s incredible interiors often include his own custom designed furniture, rugs, and lighting.  He carries his love of modern married with traditional to his furnishings.  Gambrel’s designs show careful attention to the impact of details.  Each piece could be an antique or found item.  Urban Electric recently launched a collaboration with Steven Gambrel featuring a collection that celebrates hand-made American craftsmanship.  The line is elegant and modern with pieces that are functional and practical but still exhibit interesting scale and attention to detail.

Malplaquet by S.R. Gambrel for Urban Electric
The Grayfoy pendant by S.R Gambrel – The hand-blown violet glass is subtle yet so sophisticated.
Stanton Chair: The contrast channel and button detail is key!
Lighting by S.R. Gambrel.  Gorgeous!