JL Rocks at Bungalow

One of my favorite shops to visit and explore is Bungalow in Westport, CT.  As soon as I step into Bungalow, I find myself wandering throughout the shop, visually devouring all of the beautiful items.  From furnishings to jewelry, Bungalow has a wonderfully curated collection of pieces.  Owner Wende Cohen launched Bungalow after moving from Manhattan to Westport and wanting to pursue a business that would incorporate her passion for travel, antiques, and decor.  With sources ranging from local artisans to European craftsmen, it’s no wonder she has turned Bungalow into a vibrant success.

Bunglaow is one of the places I love to shop for furniture, accessories, and lighting for clients.  I can find true one of a kind pieces here.  Bungalow is a real gold mine!  It’s one of the first places that comes to mind when I want to accessorize an interior.

Sometimes while shopping for clients, I discover other things to fall in love with.  One of my favorite finds at Bungalow is the jewelry line JL Rocks.  Featuring artisanal and designer jewelry, JL Rocks has a modern, but sophisticated, approach to jewelry design that is so appealing.  Here are some of the pieces that really caught my eye.

JL Rocks 1 JL Rocks 3 JL Rocks 4 JL Rocks 6 JL Rocks 8 JL Rocks 9 JL Rocks 10 JL Rocks 11 JL Rocks 12 JL Rocks 13