Restaurant and Hotel Inspiration

I love looking at restaurant and hotel interiors to find inspiration for residential projects.  Browsing through this imagery helps me source for clients.  For example, a restaurant interior can lead to great ideas for a home bar.  There are so many restaurants and hotels around the world that make use of incredible design that can be translated to a stunning dining room, bedroom, or sitting area.  Lighting, fabrics, wall coverings, and color palettes as well as architectural details can be pulled from these beautiful spaces and applied to a residential interior on a personal, comfortable scale.

Here are some images of hotels and restaurants that really stand out for me and get my mind racing with ideas for my clients.

Restaurant Inspiration 6Restaurant Inspiration 5Hotel InspirationHotel Inspiration 4Restaurant InspirationRestaurant Inspiration 3Hotel Inspiration 2Hotel Yountville Lobby 1Hotel Inspiration 3