Color Obsession: Lavender, Amethyst, Violet, Oh My!

Lavender is my grey.  It’s a calming color that can be perceived as pretty and feminine.  It exudes a warmth where grey can be more cold and can range from amethyst to lilac.  We had the pleasure of designing a large office for a client who wanted the room to be her own space.  Everything in that room is purple, from the walls and upholstery to the window treatments.  She says it is one of the happiest spaces in her home, and she loves it.  It works because the shades of purple can be pushed to either end of the spectrum, toward blues or toward rose and pink.  Everybody looks good in purple.  A man wearing purple just exudes confidence.  What do you think of this color?

Amy Aidinis Hirsch Greenwich Interior Design 2

1.  Design by Carla Aston

2.  Manolo Blahnik

3.  Amethyst lamp by McCoy Design

4.  Emzee Fabric from Duralee

5.  Vogue

6.  Field of lavender.  (Source)

7.  Bulgari hand bag

8.  Innocent by Ali Kursun