Favorite Things: Chandeliers

When choosing chandeliers, I’ve lately been drawn to pieces that are not your typical eight, ten, or twelve bulb lighting element.  I enjoying finding chandeliers that are composed of different heights or clusters of pendants.  Even in a traditional space, a modern nod can lighten up the setting.  A chandelier should be playful, like jewelry for the room.   I also like the idea of installing a vintage chandelier, something with history.  Here are some of my favorite examples of really great chandeliers:

1.  Bocci 14 Series:  Serves as decorative artwork as well as a light source.

Chandeliers 1

2.   Infinity Cluster:  This pendant light fixture by John Pomp Studios has 15 hand-blown sculpted glass canopies at different heights.  Absolutely beautiful!  Plus, the options are endless.

Chandeliers 43.  Hector Finch:  For those who want a traditional feeling but with a slight modern feel.

Chandeliers 5

4.  Another project of mine featuring a great, funky chandelier.

Chandeliers 13

5.  Lumière Chandelier by Jean de Merry:  Always a classic, a zest of brass and something unexpected.

Chandeliers 7

6.  This masculine chandelier was perfect for one of my clients.

Chandeliers 14

7.  Arctic Pear:  One of my all-time favorites!

Chandeliers 8

8.  In this dining room, I chose a chandelier to complement the elegance of the space.

Chandeliers 12

9.  Julie Neill Designs:  A very unique chandelier!

Chandeliers 9

10.  This unusual chandelier is perfect for a modern dining room.

Chandeliers 10