MeiraT Designs

I first stumbled across jewelry by MeiraT Designs when looking for a Christmas gift for my mom.  I wanted something a bit unusual, which is exactly what I found.  When I later visited the MeiraT website, her philosophy of “designed for a woman, by a woman” really resonated with me.  These pieces are meant to be wearable day and night, beautiful and noticeable.

Meira T Jewelry 11Meira T Jewelry 10Meira T Jewelry 9MeiraT has had a lifelong interest in jewelry design, drawing inspiration from her European and Middle Eastern background.  What I love about MeiraT Jewelry is the asymmetry of many of the pieces.  Some elements of her designs have a rawness to them, as if the stones are are just dug out of the ground and left unpolished.  At the same time, they are delicate.

Meira T JewelryMeira T Jewelry 7Meira T Jewelry 3

There’s a consistent rhythm to the jewelry across the brand.  The pieces are organic, dainty and pretty.  There really is something for everyone with MeiraT Designs, whether you prefer diamonds and gold or a more earthy tone.

Meira T Jewelry 4

Meira T Jewelry 2You can see more jewelry by MeiraT Designs on her website.  She is also on Facebook and Twitter.