Color Obsession: Blueberry and Yellow

A few days ago, I saw some freelance work my Project Manager Jess was working on.  She makes beautiful cards, and was testing colors for her creations.  One of her palettes used blueberry and yellow, and it struck me as so appealing.  The next day, Krystal, another project manager, came in dressed in a really great outfit with the same blueberry and yellow palette.  I love how inspiration can come in tiny ways like this; a lovely card or a striking outfit.  Inspiration doesn’t have to come from some grand scheme but can be found in so many places.  These colors became the inspiration for an entire family room design.

The contrasting shades of blueberry and yellow bring out the best in each other and provide such a bright, rich hue.  It’s a graphic and eye-catching combination, with the darker blue bringing out the sunniness of the yellow.  It brings to mind warm summer days, something most of us are looking forward to this time of year.  In both interior design and fashion, blueberry and yellow are so uplifting.

Amy Aidinis Hirsch

1.  Blue and Yellow

2.  Suellen Gregory Interior Design

3.  Phillip Lim Pashli Satchel

4.  Dress by Stella McCartney

5.  Swatch by artist Sonia Delaunay

6.  Manolo Blahnik Suede Pumps

7.  Design by Joel Bray