House Beautiful’s Paint Color App

One of my favorite tools for choosing colors with a client is House Beautiful’s 500+ Paint Colors App.  This handy, visually pleasing app lets you browse colors along the entire spectrum.  The app also puts complementary colors together and gives you related options.  This useful app stemmed from House Beautiful‘s book Colors for Your Home.

House Beautiful’s Colors for Your Home

I find the value of this app comes from the ability to help clients visualize ideas and color interactions.  When I can show my clients their preferred colors next to complimentary hues and examples of those colors in a room scheme, they begin to think about how colors work together and feel confident we are on the same page.

Favorite Paint Colors App

Color App Menu

For homeowners who want to color shop on their own, the House Beautiful app encourages them to branch out from their safety zone and consider colors they may not use on their own.

Choosing from a color spectrum.

The app includes several tools to help choose a color palette.  Color River lets you browse paint colors and read reviews from professionals.  Editor’s Picks features House Beautiful’s top color picks in ten different hues while the Color Personality Tool lets you learn your personalized color based on numerology.  In My Paint Box, you can save and compare paint colors.  There’s also a social aspect to the app that allows you to share your favorite colors via Facebook and Twitter.

My Paint Box

You can download the House Beautiful 500+ Favorite Paint Colors App on iTunes!