Pantone’s 2013 Color Trends

Each year, Pantone announces its choices for the Top Ten Women’s Colors for Spring and their Color of the Year.  This influential forecast highlights color trends in both fashion and design.  I always look forward to Pantone’s list because it’s great to see how their choices compare with my own changing preferences as well as trends among my clients.

My three favorite colors from this list are Lemon Zest, Grayed Jade, and Emerald, the Color of the Year.  In fact, I was pretty close to the mark last year when I created my Jade Color Board and my Yellow Color Board!

Lemon Zest is both bright and soothing.  It’s not a color I would have naturally gravitated toward in the past, but it stands out and and really has a mood-lifting effect.  I like it more and more as time goes on!

Yellow lacquered ceiling. Design by Jeffrey Bilhuber.

Lemon Zest canopy. Design by Jeffrey Bilhuber.

Lemon Zest works as a bright accent here, by Jeffrey Bilhuber.

Grayed Jade’s soft, subtle hue appeals to my more traditionalist nature.  It pairs well with other shades and is a calm alternative to brighter greens and a more romantic alternative to simple gray.  It communicates elegance and sophistication.

Grayed Jade on the runway. By Rodarte.

Grayed Jade makes a very nice neutral.

A living room I designed for a client, using tones of Grayed Jade.

Chair detail.

Emerald, Pantone’s Color of the Year, is also my favorite color from their Top Ten list for Spring.  Emerald is such a chic and glamorous color, bringing to mind gems and luxury.  For all its elegance, Emerald is also an energetic color that injects any space with a vibrant depth.

A kitchen I designed for a client with Emerald lanterns and accents.

Emerald sliding door.

Emerald house in the Netherlands.

Emerald green bedroom by Miles Redd. The artwork on the walls is perfect!

Emerald green as an accent. Design by Cristi Holcombe.

S.R. Gambrel’s great use of Emerald Green in a living room.

What do think of Pantone’s Top Colors for Spring and Color of the Year?  Which colors do you prefer from the list?  I look forward to a New Year of exciting design opportunities and challenges, as well as the chance to incorporate some of these colors into my own designs!