Amanyara Resort

Located on the coast of Providenciales, one of the Turks and Caicos islands and part of the British West Indies, Amanyara Resort is an intimate, secluded destination.  Situated away from the more developed areas of the island, Amanyara is surrounded by white sand beaches, ironshore rocky coves, and mahogany trees.  When not relaxing on the beach or enjoying the spa, visitors have access to fishing, golf, eco tours and adventures, whale watching, a nature center, and kiteboarding.  Amanyara itself features a beautiful restaurant and bar.

Map of Providenciales.

Amanyara restaurant.

The bar.

The setting is certainly amazing enough, but the resort itself is exactly the serene type of place I’m always drawn to.  The design is sophisticated, yet simplistic.  The quiet palette and minimalist decor give the place something of a spa feel with a decidedly tranquil atmosphere.

Amanyara Reception Pavilion

Oceanfront loungers at the Artists Villa.

Villas at Amanyara.

Whenever I go on vacation, I find myself constantly looking at the decor.  It’s something I can’t disconnect from, so when I have the chance to get away and relax, I want to go someplace where I won’t feel overly stimulated by my surroundings on my down time.  I look for peaceful places to relax and rejuvenate, and Amanyara is the epitome of intimate and serene with a design that’s been pared down to essentials.

Ocean pavilion bedroom.

Pavilion bathroom.

So peaceful!

To learn more about Amanyara, visit the resort’s website.  While there, you can explore other Aman resorts around the world, all of which are designed with the same attention to peace and tranquility.