Bob Tabor Images

Photographer Bob Tabor is best known today for his incredible equine portraits.  His horse photos are currently on display in Polo Ralph Lauren Home Showrooms and retail stores around the world.  His work is also available at Mecox Gardens design stores throughout the United States and at the Tulla Booth Gallery in Sag Harbor, New York.

I first saw some of Bob Tabor’s photographs at Samuel Owen Gallery, which led me to look into his work.  His seascape photography in particular really struck a chord with me.


Tabor’s seascapes are so gorgeous.  I love the way he catches the light and the dynamic movement of the rambling waves.  I can easily imagine being on the beach with these waves breaking along the sand.  Bob Tabor’s graphic seascapes are simply phenomenal.

For more examples of Bob Tabor’s photography, visit his website.  You can also find him on Facebook.