Color Obsession: Black and White

The combination of black and white in both fashion and design is always very graphic.  You have two strong elements that are not at all subtle.  People shy away from using it in interiors, especially those clients with families, but a black and white color scheme makes for a striking environment.  On their own, each color evokes its own singular response (mysterious black, pure white) but when used together, the results are quite stunning.

1.  Painting by artist Renato Freitas

2.  Zebra Cube, Design Within Reach

3.  Oscar de la Renta

4.  Madeline Weinrib Carpet

5.  Black Satin from Benjamin Moore

6.  Alexander McQueen

7.  Platinum, Diamond and Onyx Ring from Tiffany & Co., circa 1925.

8.  Wallpaper by Osborne and Little

9.  Sorenson 18 Pendant from Remains

10.  Black and white foyer, design by Rob Southern