Bunny’s Buzz

In 1988, after more than two decades of design experience with Parish Hadley Associates, Bunny Williams opened her own interior design company:  Bunny Williams Incorporated.  Her design style reflects her training in a classic, refined style.  Known for perfectly balanced textures, patterns, and colors, Bunny’s designs look so appealing and effortless.  Her focus and attention to detail show in all of her projects, from the living room to the garden.  In fact, she co-owns a New York garden furniture and ornament shop called Treillage with antique dealer John Rosselli.  Bunny also has her own line of home furnishings and accessories at Beeline Home.

Bunny and her design team work around the US and abroad.  Her success is a tribute to the timeless appeal of her design style and, thanks to her blog Bunny’s Buzz, accessible and enjoyable by all.  Loaded with visually charming photo collages featuring products, rooms, magazine spreads, and more, Bunny’s Buzz highlights many of the best things the world of interior design today.  At the right side of the blog’s page are links to other blogs worth visiting so you will never find yourself with a shortage of amazing design inspiration!