Tortoise Shell Boxes

I love tortoise shell boxes.  When placed around a room, these beautiful accessories add warmth and richness to the environment.  They seem to absorb light and exude their own golden glow.  Tortoise shell boxes come in many shapes and sizes and may have elaborate ivory, silvery or gold decorations.

I’d suggest looking for these pieces with your favorite antique dealer.  True tortoise shell was primarily produced from the shell of the hawksbill turtle.  Prized for it’s beauty and durability, this material hasn’t legally been available since the 1970’s when worldwide trade of tortoise shell was banned under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.  Real shell is naturally able to command a higher price than imitation shell, but both can give a space the same look.

Tortoise shell, ivory, and mother of pearl


Set of nesting tortoise shell boxes

Carved bone and tortoise shell box

Indo-Portuguese tortoise shell and ebony table box


Mah Jong tile storage box