Zebra Print

If you’re looking for something bold and dramatic to add to your home, zebra prints certainly fit the bill.  It’s difficult to open any design magazine these days and not see a zebra print area rug.  The black and white contrast goes well with many color palettes and looks modern and exotic at the same time.

Zebra stripes don’t have to stay on the floor, and they don’t only come in black and white.  Take a look at this nursery featuring zebra patterns in pink and brown.






Accents in a zebra print, like pillows or this mirror from Oly Studio, are another great way to incorporate zebra prints into a room.

It’s certainly possible to use zebra patterns in a space in other ways as well, from wall art to accent pieces.  Finding unique ways to show off this trend is a challenge that also allows you to personalize a space and make it into something unique.