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  • In Progress: Pool House

    I’m currently working on a pool house project which, I feel, provides a great example of the full range of services offered by my design firm.

  • Bruce Museum Outdoor Arts Festival

    One of the most popular events hosted by the Bruce Museum is the Outdoor Arts Festival.

  • Pollo alla Cacciatora: Hunter’s Chicken

    Now that fall is officially here with cooler days and nights, we tend to start cooking heartier meals.

  • Zoe Bios Creative

    Zoe Bios works with dozens of artists worldwide, overlaying their prints with elements such as aging, gesso, leafing, and India ink to develop high quality pieces.

  • Fish Restaurant + Bar

    We recently went to F.I.S.H. Restaurant + Bar on Bedford Rd. in Stamford and had such a memorable meal!